Content.IOPractical Media for an Impractical World

Mix-up angles
Don’t be afraid to go close: Close up (CU)
Utilize extreme close-ups: (ECU)
Directed tracking shots (practice motion before you press record)
Walking-along shots (go extra slow)
People exiting frames
People entering frames

5-Shot Methodology
1. Close-up (CU)
2. Medium (Med)
3. Wide (Wide)
4. Over the Shoulder (OS)
5. Another Shot: Extreme Close-up (ECU) CantedTilted/Dutch Angle High Angle Low Angle

Interview Tactics
Make sure to have interview subject look at the interviewer (one person only) or directly into the camera. They shouldn’t look back and forth.

Remember to have them restate the question in their answer, if possible.

Person on the Street videos can be an easy and effecient way to produce a lot of content. Go out with list of questions to ask a variety of people. Then each questions can become one new video. Ask 5 questions of 10 people and that’s easily 5 new videos for only an hour or two of filming. Editing is usually fast too.

Short answers can be very useful for web videos. However, someone might ramble on but within that there is a nice gem. Use your own judgement, the more you shoot the more you will have to edit. That being said, don’t be afraid to ask people to restate something more succinctly.
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