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The Fiery Furnaces - The End is Near
This is a music video we made of the Fiery Furnaces' song "The End is Near". We won first place with it for WNYC's music video contest. You can read about it and hear Zachary talk about it on WNYC. It was shot on and around the Highline in New York City.

This is an example of taking a song and building a progression visually. We did not have much time to spend filming the video or even editing, so we tried to work out most of the shots ahead of time. I think this shows the creative process from sketched draft to the final music video very nicely.

Weight Watchers Meetings
Here is one of the ways we like to work. We take a concept and build an animated storyboard or animatic which helps you not only visualize the shots but also and more importantly, it helps you craft the script and story. It can be much easier making changes to an animatic rather than have to reshoot something.

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